Upcoming Panasonic GX9

This is hopefully the one I’ve been clamouring for ever since the announcement of the fantastic (but large) G9.I really like the format and size of the Olympus PEN-F, but it has kind of fallen behind in terms of specs, in particular in the area of auto-focusing and I hate the idea of spending that much money on a camera that has already fallen behind the competition. I am also not thrilled with its ergonomics, especially the lack of grip and I don’t care about its gimmicky “art mode” dial. The GX8 was just too large and has some shutter shock issues. The GX85 is a nice size but I was holding back for a replacement that would bring in Panasonic’s latest tech. 
When the G9 was announced, I immediately wished for something along the size and format of the G85/PEN-F, but with the guts and brains of the G9. This rumoured GX9 is almost identical in height and width to the PEN-F, it has the GX8’s flip-up viewfinder which makes it a bit thicker but the is ok. It also has a proper grip for your fingers. 
If this GX9 has the viewfinder, sensor, processor, IBIS and auto-focus of the G9, I’ll be in heaven. The fact that it has a large flip-up viewfinder gives me hope that it is, in fact, incorporating the outstanding viewfinder from the G9. It will be a perfect match for my PanaLeica 15mm f/1.7 and will make a fantastic street photography tool. 

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