Interesting new Fuji Instax Camera

At first glance, this new Fuji Instax looks like a toy camera. Unlike previous Instax cameras this one has a square format and it is a hybrid digital/instax camera that produces 1920 x 1920 pixels (a little less than 4 Mpx). 

You can shoot to the internal memory or an SD card and then choose to print whatever photo you want rather than printing them as they are shot. The square 1920 x 1920 format is also ideal for Instagrammers, but why would you bother when a phone will do?

Well, personally I find this camera interesting as a street or travel photography accessory. Why you ask? When photographing people on the street, it is great to be able to give your subjects a picture. This simple act is great for getting people to open up to you. 

This camera could also be a fun attention getter at any party! It also has a bunch of Instagram like filters and creative modes.

I just might buy one. You can read the press release here.