It’s not about the gear, it’ about the artist and his art

Petapixel has a great post by Beno Saradzic today: Rant: We Photographers Have Lost Our North, Stop the Endless Gear Debates

This is basically why I switched from Nikon full-frame to M4/3. I realized that it was far more important to have a small portable kit that I could carry with me everywhere and actually enjoy than having the best gear that would stay home most of the time.

I got rid of my G.A.S., I gave up on the pixel war, the noise war, the continuous AF tracking war and the best glass war. My M4/3 gear is more than good enough for my needs and it is so small and lightweight that I can carry it everywhere I go and my back and shoulder are thanking me. It also happens to have lots of functionality that is not available on the big DSLRs.

I now enjoy photography again and I do lots more of it. I can concentrate on improving my skills and my art instead of worrying about having the best pixels.

***Edit: DIY Photography has posted a much more extensive article on the same subject and on the same day!