Weekly Inspiration #6: Classical Art Designed for Photographers

Adam Marelli

This video called “Bridging the Gap: Classical Art Designed for Photographers” is a truly inspiring and eye-opening presentation. Adam Marelli shows us how classical arts training can and should be applied to photography. His approach brought a breath of fresh-air and inspiration to my photography.

About Adam Marelli:

After completing a degree in sculpture and photography at NYU, Adam Marelli spent ten years apprenticing with both a master builder working on high-end residential projects and as a student of a Zen monk. He spent seven years studying in a monastery teaching the younger students how to maintain the building in exchange for his education. This afforded him an unparalleled understanding of both the “way in which things are made” and “how beliefs are put into practice.”

As such, Marelli takes a noticeably different approach to photography, putting the experience first and the camera second. Armed with only a pencil and a camera he is taking art outside of the studio and re-examining the roles of the artist and explorer. Unlike other photographers, he is not an observer behind the lens. He is an artist who participates, understands, and works along side of the cultures he photographs.