The upcoming Olympus E-M1 II

Updated September 18, 2016

43rumors just shared the first leaked image of the E-M1ii!


Olympus should be announcing the updated OM-D EM-1 next month at Photokina and a lot of rumours have been flying around. As Olympus’ flagship, it should be a really nice camera. Here’s what we know so far, according to 4/3Rumors:

The new Olympus E-M1II that is expected to be announced on September 19 could have a new Olympus designed and Sony produced sensor!

One source added the following info:

“The sensor is trimmed for maximal AF speed and very fast parallel signal output reading. The sensor reading is twice as fast than on the current Olympus PEN-F.”

Finally a new MFT sensor! This faster read-out would mean less rolling shutter and faster video frame rates.

All other current confirmed E-M1II specs:

  • 4K video (first Olympus camera with 4K)
  • 3D Sound (whatever that means)
  • Dual SD card slot
  • 48 Mpix Handheld High Resolution mode
  • Much improved autofocus performance
  • New higher-resolution EVF
  • Fully articulated LCD screen
  • Reduced Rolling Shutter
  • 20% Overall improvement in image quality

I will keep updating this post as new information comes out.