The EM-1 Mark ii is going to be great!

Here’s a leaked flyer in Spanish for the new E-M1 Mk ii (traduction below).


  • 121 cross-type points of phase-detect autofocus.
  • 18 fps in Continuous AF !!!
  • 60 fps in Single AF !!!
  • Captures 14 images before you press the shutter and 25 after release! This looks similar to Panasonic’s pre-burst functionality.
  • more solid construction and more resistance to the elements
  • two SD card slots
  • improved battery life (the grip looks larger, so imagine there is room for a larger battery)
  • new 20 Mpix sensor with 1 stop better noise levels!!!
  • improved in-body IS with up to 6.5 stops of compensation, wow!!!!
  • New Truepic VIII processor with 4 CPU cores and 4 graphics cores!!!!!
  • 4K video and C4K (don’t know what that means).

Stay tuned for more after the press conference this afternoon.