Accessories: Shutter Release Cable for Olympus

I really like accessories that are small, lightweight and affordable. This way I can carry them around with my small M4/3 kit without even thinking about it.

One accessory that is very useful for doing long exposures using Olympus’ excellent Live Composite mode is a remote shutter release cable. Such a cable allows you to eliminate vibration and is also essential for macro work and focus stacking.

Back in the old film days a remote shutter release was a simple mechanical push-cable with a threaded end. It was small, cheap and very reliable. But in today’s digital world such simple devices were largely replaced by electronic solutions. The problem is that Olympus’ solution, the RM-UC1 cable, costs a whopping $50. Rather pricey for a USB cable with a button on the end of it so I went looking for a more reasonably priced solution!

61ePBHc6jxL._SL1000_There are several options out there but some of them were a little to cheap for my taste. I settled on a nice compromise in the Pixel Wired Shutter Release Remote Control Cable UC1 for Olympus OM-D, Pen Cameras. This little gizmo, is well built and costs only $12.35 on Amazon.

51ngURa5skL._SL1000_The Pixel UC-1 has a nice textured design that is easy to hold and it weighs only 2 ounces. It also has a very easy to use lock mechanism where you just press the button down and slide it forward. This is great for long bulb exposures.

Highly recommended.

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