What’s your camera philosophy?

I was just listening to Brooks Jensen’s podcast episode on his camera philosophy. Brooks is the editor of the wonderful Lenswork Magazine and he’s an excellent photographer and has been an inspiration to me for over 20 years.  In this podcast he talks about his “camera philosophy” and his happens to be quite similar to mine.

He basically says that the camera is just a tool and as such it should get out of the way and work very much like his brain wants to work. He sees, he thinks, he selects, he composes and the camera just takes care of focussing and exposure. The camera should be highly configurable so he can set it just the way he wants. It should be compact and lightweight and have a tilt & swivel screen to help him with low or high shots.

The best technology fades into the background…

I pretty much agree with all that but I would extend it to the lenses which also need to be small and compact. In fact, compact lenses are even more important than a compact camera! This is all part of why I enjoy my Olympus E-M1 camera and the M4/3 system so much. The camera is small but very solidly built and with great ergonomics. It is highly configurable with nearly every button reassignable. It performs very quickly. The lenses, especially the primes, are tiny!

So what’s your camera philosophy?

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