From Fuji X to Olympus PEN F

The owner of the Stockografie blog (don’t know his name) just wrote a post on his switch from the Fuji X system to the Olympus PEN F.

This is very interesting to me as for a while I was also considering the Fuji X system as seen in this blog. There is no doubt that the Fuji X system has better image quality than the M4/3 system but the Fuji X system is also quite a bit larger and more expensive so in the end, the compactness of the M4/3 system is what won me over.

Now this guy does a lot of travel photography and he had moved from DSLRs to the Fuji X system in search of something more compact and lightweight. He was quite happy with his new system but still found it too large and heavy and like me found himself using his compact camera (a Sony RX100) more and more. Then a friend introduced him to the lovely PEN F and the tiny Olympus M.Zuiko premium primes and he immediately fell in love.

Image by Stockografie
Image by Stockografie

Look at the lovely pictures he has already taken in just two weeks of using the PEN F. As he says, image quality is plenty good enough and the small size and light weight are a huge plus for him. As I documented in these pages, for me too compactness and light weight were the decisive factors in choosing the M4/3 system over both the Sony and the Fuji APS-C mirrorless systems.

Olympus PEN-F (Body-Only) (Silver)

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