Does the camera make the picture?

This is a question that the general public and many amateur photographers don’t quite get. Yes it is true that a better camera can help a good photographer take better pictures. But the reality is that if you’re not a good photographer, it doesn’t matter what camera you have, you will not make great pictures. On the other hand, a great photographer can take great pictures with just about any camera.

ProPhotogCheapCameraTo illustrate that point, DigitalRev TV has created a series of videos where they give a renowned pro photographer an awful camera for the day to see what he/she can come up with. These are extreme cases but the results are entertaining and eye opening.

If you have some time to kill, it’s well worth your while to watch a few of these. It just might save you from throwing a few thousand dollars at the newest high-end photo gear next time you think it will improve your photography. You can find the videos here: