10 Reasons Why You SHOULD NOT Buy a Micro Four Thirds Camera


  1. You’re a pixel-peeper and care more about how your images look at 100% on your computer than you do about the art of photography.
  2. You must always buy the latest camera with the highest pixel count and best image quality because you think it will make you a better photographer.
  3. You want big gear to look like a pro because you have clients who don’t trust you or just because you have ego issues.
  4. You like carrying 25 lbs of gear for the free exercise, saves you money on gym membership.
  5. You have hands the size of Andre the Giant’s.
  6. You enjoy shooting with your smartphone and keeping your full-frame DSLR kit safely stored at home.
  7. You’d rather spend that $2500 tax refund on an expensive huge new lens than on a nice trip or on a photo seminar that will actually improve your photography.
  8. You print wall-size murals at 300 DPI all the time.
  9. You like shooting portraits where only one eye is in focus.
  10. You like shooting at ISO 25,600 to save energy.

Bonus reason: You think Megapixel Wars is a cool video game.