Steve Huff’s Review of the GX85 is out

Respected camera reviewer Steve Huff, loves the GX85:

I love the Panasonic GX85. If I were starting FRESH, and only had a phone camera or point and shoot, I KNOW I would be so overwhelmed by today’s choices. 1″ sensors, Micro 4/3, APS-C, full frame, even MEDIUM FORMAT is now mirrorless and hand holdable with the new Hasselblad.

But if I was looking for a camera under $1000 with lens, I would take a SERIOUS look at the GX85 with a 25 1.7 Panasonic lens. This would be a small solution, discreet but packing LOADS more power and IQ potential over a 1″ sensor camera or phone camera. It’s a beautiful sleek design that builds on the original GF1 from so long ago.

Today, a camera like this offers so much for so little. Speed, gorgeous IQ, low light performance that blows away 1″ sensors and cel phones and lenses that range from $200 and up, all very good. I feel M 4/3 hits a “sweet spot” in sensor design. Not too large to make  the camera large bulky and sluggish, yet not too small to bring in the noise and lack of dynamic range that most 1″ sensors bring. Micro 4/3 to me, competes with any APS-C out there as it has some cons over it but also some pros.

As one can see here, the IQ is not lacking and I feel I have some better looking shots here than in my full frame camera reviews. These little guys offers small size, huge lens selection, great IQ and a great price. I mean, what is not to like?

You can see the full review and sample shots here.