No Zoom for the Hasselblad X1D?

Hasselblad X1D product team says that:

On a short-term basis we are introducing a 30mm wide angle lens already at Photokina in September… More XCD lenses to come next year. Having zooms will be difficult, as it is almost impossible theoretically to develop a zoom lens for such large medium format sensor that is compact and practical for such  a portable camera.

This reinforces the point I made here. If  you want a compact and lightweight system the lenses are the most important aspect to consider. And while you can put a large sensor in a small camera, you cannot make small lenses for large sensors without breaking the laws of physics. That is the biggest strength of the MFT system.

EDIT 30/62016:

Well, the CEO of Hasselblad issued a correction while talking with DigitalRev. He said that they are actually planning some zooms. I suspect they will be quite limited in zoom factor and tele reach. I could see a wide-angle, a normal zoom and a short tele zoom. But these are bound to be quite large, heavy and costly.