Down to Fuji X vs Micro Four-Thirds

I’ve decided to eliminate the Sony A6000/A6300 system from my evaluation process. While these are fantastic little cameras and the A6000 can currently be bought for less than $500, the system as a whole is not well aligned with my priorities and shooting style. Here’s why.

  1. Ergonomically, I find the camera a bit on the small side for my hands and it lacks many of the tactile controls that I prefer seeing on actual dials, like old-style film cameras.
  2. The strength of those cameras lie mostly in video and in continuous AF tracking for action photography, two things I rarely need.
  3. Last but not least, The Sony E-Mount lens line-up is quite poor.

That last point is the killer. The selection of APSC-sized E lenses is not very good at all. Sure, there are some very good FE lenses that will fit on these cameras, but as full-frame lenses they are large, heavy and very expensive, which completely defeats the purpose of moving to a smaller sensor. Additionally, given the latest releases from Sony, it looks like their priority is in releasing fast but large and very expensive FE lenses.

That’s exactly what I want to get away from, so Sony is out. Down to evaluating the Fuji X system vs. Panasonic and Olympus’ MFT system.