About Me

me2010I was born in Québec, Canada, studied Applied Science and then joined the Canadian Air Force in 1983. I spent 12 years as a transport pilot in the Air Force and travelled all over the world.

I started a new career from scratch in 1995 as a software developer and IT consultant and ended this second career as a Senior Director at Avanade (a subsidiary of Accenture) 13 years later.

In 2008 I decided to leave the rat race and the cold weather behind, I quit my job, sold everything I had and moved to Panama where I built a very unusual tropical home in the rain forest and started a business called Grupo Palmadera.

I’m an avid fan of music, especially jazz and blues but I’m also learning much about Latin Music. I am a Secular Humanist and a true lover of science and the natural world.

Monica HepburnI have been practicing photography as an advanced amateur/semi-pro for the last 40 years. I speak English, French and Spanish.

I’m currently living in Playa Gorgona, Panama with the love of my life, Monica.